Are the teachers and instructors certified?


In making sure that our classes are of best quality, we ensure that our teachers and instructors have certification, formal education (and/or) with extensive professional experience in their respective fields. Worry not, we can assure you that your child is in good hands. 


How many students do you have in each class?


Students' attendance may vary from one class to another. We strive to ensure that there is a good student-coach ratio for maximum engagement.


Do you have a performance showcase or assessment of any kind?


Yes, we do have performance showcases twice a year. As for the assessment, we do conduct our own internal assessment but we are currently working on getting endorsements from external bodies (e.g. Royal Academy of Dance, for dance and ballet) to host external assessment as well. 


Are you open on public holidays?


No, unfortunately, we will not be open on public holidays. 


What attire should my child wear during classes?


We recommend comfortable attire (i.e. does not hinder their movements) such as:


                  Ballet  - leotard, tutu (optional) and ballet shoes (except for Baby Ballet)

                  Dance - comfortable shirts and pants, sneakers/ athletic shoes (no skirts nor tight jeans)

                  Yoga   -  comfortable athletic pants/ yoga outfit

                  All ball activities and martial arts class - comfortable shirts and pants, sneakers/ athletic shoes (no skirts nor                    tight jeans)

                  Leadership / other classes - comfortable shirts, pants, and shoes



Are food and beverage provided at the gym?


Unfortunately, no. Nonetheless, we would suggest that you prepare your little ones with food from home. In case that they are thirsty, we do have a water dispenser stationed in the lounge for their convenience. 


Do I wait for my children or do I leave them at the centre?


All baby activities must be accompanied by a parent in the class. For students who are below 12 years old, we highly recommend that you wait for your child at the designated waiting area as we are not responsible for any injuries that take place outside of the classroom. Please refer to our pick up and drop off policy for more details.


How long is the class duration?


In general, the classes are scheduled for 1 hour, with two water breaks in between. 


What type of membership do you have and how much do they cost?


We have four (4) types of membership namely Star Pass, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The number of classes and activities that you can opt for differs from one membership to another with 4 classes per week being the minimum number. To find out more about our memberships, you can reach us at 03 - 8600 8688 or book an appointment here.