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Kids Public Speaking (6-12 years old)

Teens Public Speaking ( 13-17 years old)


While some think that the key to being a good public speaker is confidence, actually there are many other factors that influence the capability of a speaker to away his listeners. And these include body language, voice projection, emotion, and speech crafting. Our classes will cover these aspects in our aim to mould your child into a competent speaker. 

Kids Code Monkey (6-12 years old)

Teens  Code Monkey (13-17 years old)


Other than the fact that computer science is currently in high demand now, learning how to code also has a huge variety of advantages that can help how the brain learns, remembers and even processes new information. Here, we offer a fun and educational game environment for your children to study coding. Through our Code Monkey software, your children can try to solve over 400 coding challenges using a real programming language (with the help our teachers, of course!)



Cambridge English - Young Learners (6-12 years old)


Our classes prepare students the communication skills needed for everyday life, work and study. We offer a wide variety of resources of Cambridge English preparation materials, videos, social media and games to help learners practise and improve their English effectively. At the end of each term, students will be assessed on their ability to implement what they have learnt in these four aspects: speaking, writing, reading and listening. 

Kids Financial Literacy (6-12 years old)

Teens Financial Literacy (13-17 years old)


In this savvy era where everything can be purchased with a single click, providing our children financial literacy is important, for it helps an individual to make a wise and effective choice in how to spend or save their financial resources. Our Financial Literacy classes will assess the child's financial intelligence makeup (i.e. financial knowledge, money habitudes and peer pressure defence), then teach them how to manage their expenditure and perhaps invest. For all you know, they might be teaching you a thing or two about financial planning too!

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