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Baby Ballet (6-35 months)


Ballet for babies below 3 years old focuses more on creative movements rather than formal ballet training, as their attention span are generally shorter. Somewhat similar to dance but with emphasis on building lower body muscles and getting in the correct posture, your children will be exposed to nursery rhymes, classical and contemporary music. 


Tots Ballet (3-5 years old)

Kids Ballet (6-12 years old)

Teens Ballet (13-17 years old)


Our curriculum for ballet classes will be following ones from Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). In this course, students will be introduced to exercises to sharpen ballet technique, coordination, creativity, expression and musicality. 

Baby Dance (6-35 months)


The primary goal of this class is to foster the love for music and movement. Each week your little ones will be exploring the different genre of music, playing with a different musical instrument and props, as they learn to dance and tap on the beat.  This is certainly a good cardio class for both babies and parents!


Tots Dance (3-5 years old)

Kids Dance (6-12 years old)

Teens (13-17 years old)


Stepping it up a notch, at these stages, your child will be learning dance moves that are packed with more dynamic. The movements are bigger, the beats are faster and expression and passion are crucial. Among the dance style that we will be covering are hip hop, contemporary, jazz etc. 


Tots Arts and Craft (3-5 years old)

Arts for Tots are focused on doing sensory and expressive arts that work on their fine motor skill, visual-spatial skill, acceptance of messiness, and language development (i.e. colour and object recognition).

Kids Arts and Craft (6-12 years old)

Moving on to Kids, other than sharpening the skills developed in the Tots class, your children will be working more on drawing and colouring techniques, as well as learning how they can be more creative with their arts. 

Kids Drama (6-12 years old)


It does not matter if your child is very shy or super extroverted, what we are good at is applying extensive drama activities that can help an outspoken child to focus and draw out a quiet child from his or her cocoon. Our lesson plans help students to learn about different theatrical elements including sets, costumes, props, and scripts and discover how they combine to create a performance.

At the end of the process, we aim to sculpt your children into a confident individual with an ability to adapt to surrounding and work in a team.

Private Music Class for Tots, Kids, and Teens


Our music lessons are “one-on-one” so the student can be matched to their style and learn at their own pace. Apart from giving the instructor flexibility to create plans that are specifically catered to improve your children's need, it also allows your children to spend less time on aspects that they are skilful at and put more attention in skills that need polishing.


The options of the instrument include guitar, ukulele, piano and violin. 

Private Music Class for Kids and Teens


Find out whether your child is a soprano, mezzo, alto, baritone, bass or tenor from our vocal teachers. In the class, your children will be taught on the correct breathing technique, diction, singing posture and how to improve on their singing skill. 

Tots Storytelling (3-6 years old)

First of its kind, our storytelling aims to bring books to life. To make the class interactive, children are encouraged to dress up as the characters in the stories and play around with the props we prepared! 

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