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Babes Yoga (6-35 months)


Our in-house Yoga programme for Babes is designed in a way that it incorporates story telling component in the classes, allowing your little ones to embark on different adventure every week. 


Unlike normal yoga classes, our curriculum plays with imagination as we encourage both students and parents to use their body to represent the elements in the story. As such,  boat pose can represent a baby's cradle or a watermelon!

Among the stories that we will be covering are Moana, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Three Little Pigs.  



Babes Gym (6-35 months)


In this class, children will be doing tasks that focused on developing their senses, motor skills as well as the ability to listen to simple instruction. Taking linguistic development into consideration, our gym classes also revolve around exposing your little ones to simple concepts and words as they try to complete the course. 


Tots Gym (3-5 years old)


Curriculum for children at this stage presents a combination of both physical and pretend play. The class will also include some STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. Other than physical skills like aiming and jumping, your children's cognitive and social skill will also be challenged as they work on completing a task at hand with their friends. 


Kids Gymnastics (6-12 years old), Teens Gymnastics (13-17 years old)


At these stages, we focus on programmes which consist of specific routines to prepare them to be a gymnast. They will be learning the skills needed for vaulting, how to work with bars and other gymnastic equipment, as well as exercises that improve their flexibility and endurance. 


Kids Basketball (6-12 years old), Teens Basketball (13-17 years)

This course covers the foundation of basketball : dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, footwork as well as offensive and defensive moves. The goals are to accelerate skill development, break down the nuances of the game while employing basketball drills and how to transfer them into a game setting. 

Tots Taekwondo (3-5 years old)


Or also known as Introduction to Martial Arts teaches children the fundamentals of taekwondo like the basic stance, kick and block. More importantly, at this level we want children to develop focus, discipline and perseverance while learning how to enjoy their lessons.


Taekwondo (6-17 years old)


Curriculum for those above 6 is emphasised on giving children formal training in taekwondo and polishing their skills in more advanced techniques. Apart from rewarding them with belts, we aim to bring our best students for competitions and tournaments. 

Futsal Kids (6-12 years old)

Futsal Teens (13-17 years old)


Despite the difference in the play structure, the number of players, and type of court, most of the techniques used in futsal are similar to those of football's. Your children will be taught on the basics of futsal: rules, dribbling, passing, shooting, technique's theory etc, most of which they can apply in football. They will also learn how to understand and utilise various training methods that are best for them. 

Kids Tennis (6-12 years old)


Catered for those with none to little tennis experience, this stage exposes children to basic tennis fundamentals, equipment, court terminology as well as developing eye-hand coordination and movement skills. At the end of this stage, students should be able to master the foundation of the forehead, backhand, volley and how to keep a rally going. 


Teen Tennis (13-17 years old)


This programme is for students who are beyond beginner level but are still refining their stroke mechanics with an emphasis on moving and hitting. More advanced students would be able to perform racquet handling skills, drilling and engage in a competitive match play. 


Tots Fun Ball (3-5 years old)


Ball play is essential in aiding children's development because it does not just train gross motor skill like jumping, passing and catching, the essential life-lessons such as teamwork and sportsmanship will also be incorporated in the class. Expect your little ones to run, sweat and laugh a lot in the class!

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